Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Successful RSRM Crab Feast In the Books!

            Recently, the annual RSRM Crab Feast was hosted by Managing Partner, James P. O'Meara, at his home in Carroll County, Maryland.  In typical fashion, the late season crabs were delicious, as were the various edibles that made their way off the grill (for the few, and unidentified, non-crab-eaters).

           A good time was had by all, and several photos are posted below.  Many thanks to Mr. O'Meara and his family for hosting the feast again this year, and to the firm for sponsoring the event.

Putting up with the photographer
Ignoring the photographer
Associate Andy Nichols and Mary Buck discuss the "best practices" method of crab picking
Partner Jim Andersen and wife, Amy
A pile of tasty crabs, book-ended by 'Boh

Managing Partner Pat O'Meara mans the grill, assisted by wife, Marianne, daughter Megan, and Partner Paul Donoghue.

Article and photos contributed by James Buck

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