Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Defense Verdicts for Associate Danielle Williamson

Associate Danielle Williamson secured two back to back defense verdicts in the District Court.

The first case involved a typical word versus word left turn dispute.  The Plaintiff filed suit against the Defendant alleging that Defendant came into his lane of travel.  Trial took place in the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County before Judge Leo Ryan.  Judge Ryan, noting that the case hinged more on factual issues, ruled in favor of the Defendant.  He held that it was more likely that the Defendant’s version of events occurred.  

The second case involved a pedestrian in the crosswalk.  The Plaintiff alleged that as she was crossing an intersection at the crosswalk, Defendant struck the Plaintiff as Defendant attempted to execute a right turn.  Plaintiff filed suit and trial took place in the District Court of Maryland for Harford County before Judge Viktor K. Butanis.  Ms. Williamson successfully showed several inconsistencies in the Plaintiff's testimony and also directed the Court’s attention toward Plaintiff’s questionable medical treatment.  Judge Butanis held that Plaintiff had not met her burden of proof and ruled in favor of the Defendant.

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