Monday, August 5, 2013

Jury Returns Defense Verdict in Rear-end Collision Case

After one hour of deliberation, a Baltimore City jury returned a defense verdict in a case in which the Plaintiff alleged the Defendant rear-ended his vehicle.

The case, tried by RSRM partner, Andy Nichols, involved allegations that the Defendant negligently struck the rear of the Plaintiff's vehicle, allegedly causing injuries to the Plaintiff.  During the course of cross-examination, the defense was able to highlight several inconsistencies in the Plaintiff's trial testimony, contrasted with his deposition testimony and various documents.  Furthermore, the defense was able to impeach the Plaintiff's contention that he had not been involved in any subsequent accidents or suffered any subsequent injuries, by introducing a copy of a Complaint stemming from a motor vehicle accident that occurred approximately seven months after the rear-end collision.  By attacking the Plaintiff's credibility, the defense was successful in persuading the jury that the Plaintiff's testimony and evidence were insufficient to meet Plaintiff's burden of proof.

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